Asher Young is a lighting, projection, and experience designer based in New York City. He designs and creates experiences for all areas of performance and visual art: theater, concerts, events, architecture, and art installations.


Asher finds inspiration for his designs in various other fields and applies that knowledge to push the boundaries of his work in order to achieve a story that fits the narrative of a specific project. Whether it is writing and directing immersive theater or lighting and projection design, crafting a memorable experience for the audience is at the core of Asher's design and creative development process. 

He has had the opportunity to work for various companies such as Remarkable Entertainment, Weiner Entertainment Group, Variety WW, Arc3 Design, ESI Designs, Dan Scully Design, and Melchior productions, as well as design projects across the country.


Asher graduated with a Computing and the Arts degree from Yale University. He has attended design programs at both Interlochen and at Carnegie Mellon University.


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