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Asher Young is a New York-based artist, designer, and producer whose entry into the arts started with being a magician and creator of theatrical haunted houses instead of trick-or-treating as a kid, later expanding into designing and directing theater, music shows, and installations.

He invites audiences to be the protagonist in the work.

He is the founder of Challenge Your Imagination, a creative direction, design, and producing studio developing projects internally and for others. 

He has worked for various companies, including Remarkable (Randy Weiner), Melchior Productions, and ESI Designs.

He graduated from Yale with a degree in Computing and the Arts.


Creative Direction, Design (Physical, Lighting, Projection, Media), & Producing

Selected Clients

- Randy Weiner

- Sotheby's

- Virgin Voyages

- A$AP Rocky

- Big Apple Circus

- Yale University

- Insomniac Events

- CL 

- Epik High

- Opia

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